Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Some day after thoughts...

Watching Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) on Fox last night, and how he made a fool of himself at the hands of Bret Baier, I was brought back to his many appearances on news broadcasts as the faithful opposition to the GOP at the convention. On PBS, he said, "A convention is made for true believers." 

In the case of the RNC, I think many hardcore GOPers were upset that there wasn't as much red meat as they wanted. This is because Durbin's premise was wrong. In a time when there are only 10% of the electorate to swing, the smart party offers the convention as a reason for them to join the party in voting one way and not the other. 

Looking over the media reviews today, I was right on base in that the Dems were calling to their base, which is the fringe of mainstream America, in talking about gay marriage, abortion and other fringe issues.  That is, until primetime.  Furthermore, in only one day, this convention has established itself one of the most rancorous events, with even Buzzfeed saying, "Republicans will rely on Obama to rally their base, and they eschewed the shouted attacks that dominated the opening of the Democratic Convention." 

Tonight I won't be live blogging the DNC, as the NFL opens up, and that's just far more important.  Somewhere, and I can't find the link, I read a piece about how President Clinton really doesn't like President Obama, and is actually going to do what he can to subvert him and his run.  Sounds 50/50 plausible.  After all, before Clinton we never thought of a President bagging interns...even though there was a precedent for it.


Sam Shea said...

The convention is better than football :)

Doug Wagner said...

Not sure...that was a pretty decent game to the Cowboys!