Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Live Blogging the DNC-Part III

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is on stage now, trashing and lying about Mitt Romney. But, what do you expect. Acts like he was a savior and having to come in and clean up Romney's messes. Just so you know, "Investing in ourselves and our future" means increasing taxes. Once again, this speech is about pandering to the far-left on the issue of abortion and the issue of marriage. It's a well delivered speech, bringing the people to their feet, but you can clearly see through this address that they are terrified of the close polls by eschewing pundits...and referring to Osama bin Laden...and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell..." You know, it seems to me that would focus on more than just a few areas. And, when they get to the idea of job creation and unemployment, there is nothing to stand on. These, my friends, are the politics of division. Saying that kids are "on their own to deal with poverty." Lies, Governor Patrick, lies. Republicans think that the government isn't the first OR last line of defense against poverty. Your increase in volume doesn't make up for the intellectual gaps in your rhetoric. He called for Democrats to "grow a backbone," and even Mark Shields said he changed the wording to say "grow". How about Democrats start with a backbone to shrink the deficit? How about the Democrats start by protecting the weakest of our people? Martin O'Malley is a perfect example of this party changing history (ignoring their abysmal record on civil rights) and has deep-sixed his thoughts of being the party's next nominee by being on after Deval Patrick. And, also, by inferring that the GOP wants less opportunity than the Dems. What he doesn't get is that we want it to not be paid for by the government. He's all hat and no cattle. Or, since he's from Maryland, he's all claw and no meat.

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