Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Live Blog of the DNC-Part IV

A nice reception for the First Lady. Right off the bat, she forgets to mention the things that filled her life in Chicago, like Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. I love the way she harkens back to their salad days and President Obama's family...forgetting the half brother who lives in a slum overseas. Is this story about her or her husband? I thought she was talking about his family...oh well. Guess no one vetted the speech. Guess not... Was Michelle Obama describing this woman when talking about Barack Obama's grandmother? And was she talking about these life experiences when she talked about those experiences that influenced his decisions thus far in the presidency? As a reference point, Madame First Lady, President Bush made sure that seniors could afford their medicine. And...another reference to abortion. Really? Sorry..got interrupted by helping a friend. See? The government didn't have to help them! Friends helping friends. Community helping community. And the difference is we believe it may just take a village rather than the entire resources of the federal government.

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