Saturday, September 08, 2012

Saturday reads to catch up on things

From Ace of Spades HQ, a story about the real economy out there.  If President Obama wants us to stick with him while he figures out the economy, we'll be off the fiscal cliff.

Another from Ace on the whoppers told by Clinton at the DNC.  He's right, these have to be rebutted.  And to be rebutted, you have to have knowledge.  This is a good one to bookmark.

One speech is all the National Review says President Obama can make...and the videos of him recycling 2008 speeches for 2012 is true.  There is nothing new.  The guy is an amateur.  Investor's Business Daily, which has frequently taken the President to task has a microexamination of his speech...and they still aren't fans. usually is a fan, but this story slices and dices his acceptance speech.  Specifically, they say, "It is that Obama made a seemingly deliberate choice to keep his remarks chained tightly to the politics of 2012—a race that has been defined by relentless, almost mechanical efforts to motivate voters with narrow appeals to specific constituencies and to destroy the opposition as a credible alternative."  What that tells me is that he is more interested in the politics of destruction that politics that unite.  At some point, even the most hard core Democrats have to get tired of it and may give up and give in.

Meanwhile, also at National Review, Mark Steyn thoroughly rebuts college graduate Sandra Fluke.  Steyn is one of my favorite conservative writers, and he doesn't pull any punches in this piece.  "With respect to Sandra Fluke, I think there’s a third future looming. The paperback edition of my book comes out in a week or so, and you can pretty much get the gist of it from the title: After America. For me, the likely scenario isn’t that the Republicans will be terrorizing rape victims or that the Democrats will finally pass the necessary legislation to make contraception available for the contraceptively starved millions crying out for it, but that America will be sliding off the cliff — literally, as Joe Biden would literally say. And when America slides off the cliff it lands with a much bigger thud than Greece or Iceland. I’m not certain that theRepublicans will be able to prevent that happening. But I know that the Democrats can’t. America owes more money than anybody has ever owed anyone in the history of the planet. But millions of Americans don’t see it, and millions of those who do see it don’t see it as a problem."

Meanwhile, from Hot Air, how the President fiddled his way past the law he signed into law...and this gem explaining that the dog ate his homework.

If you're looking for a psychoanalysis of our President, a Washington Times columnist lays it out for you.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and past bundler for Barack Obama, was apparently so impressed with the "Occupy Unmasked" movie, released by Andrew Breitbart's media group, that he stepped up and has been participating in the forthcoming release.

One of the more interesting speeches delivered at the DNC was from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.  This story from the Washington Examiner will leave you scratching your head at just how base and desperate Democrats are.  

And from the New York Times, of all places, is a column written by a hedge fund manager who is upset with the President's characterization of him and the industry.  Makes a lot of sense to me!

Finally, one of my pet peeves is when musical artists demand campaigns stop using their music.  This time, R.E.M. went too far, and they are shown to be idiots.  Musically talented, but idiots.

I'll check in tomorrow, and I hope you check in with me on the Hawkeye Huddle on 600WMT AM after the Iowa, Iowa State game.  On Iowa!  Go Hawks!

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