Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Live blogging the DNC Part I

OK, so I'm a little late. Listening to Kathleen Sebelius drone on. The tech chops of the DNC are really not showing right now, as I can't get access to any other feed than the Closed Caption feed. And even that is catching on me. So, I turn to Iowa Public Television. Interesting that they throw Secretary Sebelius to the wolves with such an uninspiring and rote speech...that was designed to get women energized? Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is on the dais now. You know, every time I hear a Democrat talk about President Obama's "values", I can't help but think of the babies who were in their 8th and 9th month, which the President had no problem "aborting" outside of the fetus. He did this as a State Senator in Illinois. One of the times he actually didn't vote "present" was to allow doctors to withhold medical services to babies who were born alive, instead of having been successfully aborted. Now, talking about "the president going all in to save the jobs," Emmanuel reminds me that the taxpayers are going to take a bath in order to make the unions co-owners of these automakers. Amazing that Rahm Emmanuel is talking about structured bankruptcy as Mitt Romney turning his back on the automakers and communities. It's what should have happened. Leadership is hardly a word I would use to describe Barack Obama. You can't lead from behind. And the only reason Obama bailed out the automakers is because it was an ego thing for him. "Not on my watch" is the way he finds to sleep better at night. And, we can't afford four more years of Barack Obama.

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