Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Just some overall thoughts from Day One-DNC

I am not surprised that the Democrats are trying to make hay on what they call the issues of women's health care, GLBT marriage, student loans and pay equity. They reference jobs, but never the true jobs picture. Democrats never hold Obama accountable for the true jobs picture. They always have a one off to skew the stats. But, back to the four top issues (and the only ones) they are campaigning on. 1. Women's health care-Democrats are all about "women's health care" once a baby is taken home, apparently. But, when the baby is born and viable after a botched abortion, their leader has a much different, and even fringe view, on the issue. The major differences the GOP has with Dems is that we believe in the sanctity of innocent life, as well as the idea that the federal government has no business paying for birth control OR abortion. Sandra Fluke is described as an activist on the DNC website. She hasn't "become an outspoken, public advocate of women's rights," she's become a shill for the DNC. She was a law school student and, I guess, has graduated. She has a captive audience for her demand to have government provided condoms for her partners or other birth control and her statements should be given as much weight as a cartoon shown at the intermission of "The Ten Commandments." 2. There is a debate about GLBT rights even in the GOP. The central focus is what "rights" the government gives rather than takes away. There was a day when I was very adamant about gay marriage. I'm not so much anymore. The only reason is that alone I know I can't change anyone's mind on this issue. God is the only one who can do that. I'm not going to spend a lot of time alienating people or driving them from God by going on and on about my position and belief. I figure once they hear it from me, I'm good. Me repeating the same things over and over again won't do a thing to save them, me or anyone else. All of this being said, it's amazing to hear the Dems pandering to the GLBT lobby. Up until two months ago, the leader of the Democrat party didn't even support their right to marry. It was an election conversion that brought him to the altar...and he didn't even have to do much. Like Obamacare, he left others (Obamacare, the Dem Congress and with GLBT marriage, the Democrat party) to do his bidding. Much like Obamacare, he may get a short term victory (GLBT votes), but he'll get a long-term loss once people see through the political pandering. 3. I had student loans when I was in college. I paid them back. It took a while, but I did it. Nowadays, academia has a free pass from Dems to charge skyrocketing tuition, as a support for their brethren in the SEIU. Their bogeyman is not academia or BIG COLLEGE, but banks. Now that the Obama administration has taken banks out of the market, we'll see how affordable college becomes. If pandering to the college vote is all he has, then he's pandering to a transitory crowd. It may bring him votes, but they are empty votes once they find out what the real world is like. 4. Pay equity...this is all I have to say. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk. 'nuff said.

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