Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Morning After

It wasn't a dream.  He really DID do that well.  If you didn't see last night's debate, you can watch it on C-Span.  From the beginning, when Romney coined the phrase "trickle-down government", to the final salvo over the listless words of the President, Romney had his "A" game.  Moderator Jim Lehrer couldn't even bring himself to repeat the words "trickle-down government."  Hilarious.

Romney effectively pushed back on the President's claim of Romney's $5 trillion in tax breaks for rich folk.  Romney schooled him on the issue of tax breaks for moving corporate operations off shore.  Obama stuttered and stammered his way through the debate, and the DNC are reduced to saying Romney was a bad guy and pushy.

Nice.  Looking forward to the VP debate!