Tuesday, February 05, 2013

You have the right to remain...dead

Recently, someone in the media caught hold of the Obama Administration's rationale for legal execution of American citizens, let alone foreign citizens in foreign countries.  To start off with, as has been noted in several places, if President Bush would have released this when Candidate Obama was running for President, he would have called for his resignation/impeachment/burning in effigy because of the "Let me be clear...there is no logical defense of the murder of innocent Americans, nor is there a defense of intentional deaths caused by the same of non-Americans in foreign countries."  Please note, this is what I think he'd say...or something like it.

Back in June 2012, Charles Krauthammer dropped some significant knowledge, saying, "This is not to argue against drone attacks. In principle, they are fully justified. No quarter need be given to terrorists who wear civilian clothes, hide among civilians and target civilians indiscriminately. But it is to question the moral amnesia of those whose delicate sensibilities were offended by the Bush methods that kept America safe for a decade — and who now embrace Obama's campaign of assassination by remote control."  I couldn't agree more.  These people don't deserve our mercy.  But the sheer hypocrisy of President Obama, his administration, and his supporters is breathtaking.

Now, the President's supporters claim he never expressly advocated for an elimination of the drone strike program.  However, this President rarely expressly advocates for anything, save increases in spending, taxes, regulations and government.  His supporters were clear in that they expected him to come to the table to not only reduce "war" but the associated killing.

Instead, this President has ratcheted up the apparatus significantly, while the media and the President's partners in crime have stood by.  Where is Code Pink?  Or, better yet, where is the media on Code Pink's opposition and the "fracturing of the left" because of this issue?  Yeah.  Nowhere to be found.  A quick Google search turns up 10 "News" articles with both the words "Code Pink" and "Brennan" in them.  Despite the trumpeting of the "breaks within the GOP," you have to search to find mostly egghead publications that put the same thing out there about the President and the Dems.

Getting back to the point of this post, there is a great and weighty problem with our morality if we cannot see the problem inherent in this proposition: The President of the United States or his/her designee can choose to eliminate an American citizen anywhere in the world if they feel they have cause. Michael Walsh, in a piece on National Review Online, said "In effect-and especially as employed by the Obama administration-the CIA has become the president's private army..."  He further states this power has no restriction as they see it, and is outside the realm of military action, while allowing for the raining of war down in an indiscriminate manner.

Fourth Amendment "search and seizure" ideals are useless to them.  You now have the right to remain dead, thanks to a remote control war.  Just don't piss 'em off.