Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Live Blogging the DNC-Part II

David Brooks takes on Montana Governor Schweitzer, asking where the mentions of the unemployed are in this convention. Of course, he ducks the question. Gwen Ifill notes Montana is a "pretty red state." I'm wondering who the idgit was who ran against him and lost was. Obviously, the staff ain't doing their job. I'll be interested to hear Michelle Obama's speech. Word is she is trying to change the way grocery stores stock up. How does one pull that into a story humanizing her husband? The President's sister and Michelle Obama's brother are speaking now, and the coach of Oregon State University has already committed a recruiting violation by asking recruits to get in touch with him. His sister mentions young children and how all of us have worth, but doesn't mention how President Obama would have been fine with babies delivered from failed abortions being killed outside the womb. I've also noticed this convention is pandering to the GLBT lobby, through mentioning how the President ended Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Remember, he didn't show any epiphany on this issue, or on gay marriage. He simply saw a political opportunity and exploited it. Up until this run for the presidency, he couldn't have cared less. At least Mitt Romney explained the point and time he changed his mind on abortion and supported the pro-life community. While they show a video about pay discrimination, I recall the recent story exposing pay discrimination within the White House. Lily Ledbetter is on stage and really talking about herself. Is she running for President? Wonder if the ladies in the EOB have met with this woman.

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