Saturday, January 16, 2010

Senator Ford? And from New York?

I came across this column from The New Republic regarding the Junior Senate seat in NY.

I have always liked the style with which former US Rep. (D-TN now NY) Harold Ford, Jr. worked in Congress. He has been a very quiet and effective operator for years, not necessarily bombastic and hyperbolic. Apparently, Ford is considering a run for Senate in NY, against Gov. Paterson's pick, Kristin Gillibrand. Sen. Gillibrand was a member of the US House, and was chosen by Paterson to fill the seat of former Senator Hillary Clinton when she was appointed to be Secretary of State.

If I were a NY Democrat, Harold Ford, Jr. would get my primary vote...but he may not make it that far. Apparently, the President has different designs on this seat. This Son of Chicago certainly involves himself in a lot of NY State politics, doesn't he? Anyway...please step out, Mr. President, and let the best candidate step forward.

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